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Mobile Cantilever Umbrella Base


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    • Easy move at full weight: With 6" umbrella base wheels, the wheeled base can be easily moved around to match the Sun's movement to keep same spot fully shaded all day, or to have several spots shaded in the backyard whenever needed.

    • No need to fill water or sand: The cantilever umbrella base weights are the 12" square concrete pavestones that can be purchased at Home Depot or Lowes, so no need to empty water in winter and no hassle in filling the sand through small hole.Top tray - Indented flat top cover acts a flat tray to hold coffee cups, plates, fans, plants, flower etc, providing extra function for the occupied space

    • Top surface acts as large tray or table, making the wasted space useful.

    • Variable base weight: The offset patio umbrella base weight can be configurated at 120, 220 or 320 lbs level to meet different size of cantilever umbrellas weights requirement.

    • Stability and durability: Steel frame acts as the central bone to support the HDPE cover on top, the wheels at bottom and the filled concrete pavestones in the middle, making the whole base a very sturdy and long lasting.

    • Direct mount to umbrellas that have 4 mounting holes, with 3" or 3.75" center distance between the 2 holes next to each other.

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