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Arrow Carport Enclosure Kit


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    Highlighted Features and Benefits

    Mid-sized sedan in enclosed carport.

    Convenient Drive-Through Access

    The enclosure kit includes front and rear zip-up door panels, which allow for easy drive-through vehicle access. A separately-sold roll-up door kit can be added to the enclosure for extra convenience.

    Crossrail shown on carport frame with enclosure panels on.

    Easy-slide Crossrail & Bungee Tensioning

    Cross rails are used to attach the side fabric panels to the body of the carport. Bungee fasteners keep front and back panels taught to the frame to create a smooth, finished look.

    Securing the doors of the enclosure kit.

    Easy to Install and Remove

    The panels attach quickly to your Arrow Carport and can be removed just as easily, using an adjustable wrench or a 7/16-in. socket wrench.

    Man securing the doors of the enclosure kit.

    Tough Fabric Panels

    The enclosure kit panels are made of durable 7.5 oz. triple-layer woven polyethylene. The panels are UV treated inside and out to prevent fading, aging, yellowing, and mold.

    Heat-sealed seam on polyethylene fabric.

    Heat-sealed Seams

    The seams of the canopy cover are heat-welded, which creates a stronger bond than stitched or taped seams. This also makes the enclosure water-resistant.

    Empty carport with enclosure kit panels.

    Extra Layer of Protection

    The carport enclosure kit is designed to quickly convert your existing Arrow Carport into a garage-like structure. The kit gives your vehicle, boat, and other stored goods an extra layer of protection from the elements.

    Grey color sample of enclosure kit panel.

    Material Swatch

    The woven triple-layer polyethylene enclosure kit panels come in an attractive grey color and has a matte finish.

    One Year Limited Warranty


    Arrow Storage Products offers a 1-year limited warranty against manufacturer's defects.

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